dinsdag 14 juni 2011

Sunday April 18, 2011

A flower patch I came by, such bright and wonderful colors. :)  A little too bright for my taste, actually.

Saturday April 17, 2011

Passed by the fruit and flower market today. Almost took some of these home...

Saturday April 16, 2011

When taking pictures of the Jazz fountain yesterday, I had the company of these ducks. Loved the little bubbles on the water.

EDIT: Apparently they're geese. I've learned something new today.

Friday April 15, 2011

There's this really fun fountain near us. It's in the middle of a busy intersection so I had never managed to take a picture but today I decided to stop and brave the traffic. Played around a bit with HDR on it to get the figure to stand out more amongst the droplets.

Thursday April 14, 2011

Now you see me, now you don't!
Credit to @bobfoto on 365project for suggesting this one.

Poor little elephant got eaten today. He didn't enjoy it at all but I surely did!

Wednesday April 13, 2011

Not sure why, but I love this photo. SOOC. Took it as part of an HDR series but decided not to since this looks so dramatic as is. :)


Tuesday April 12, 2011

A present from my in-laws.

Monday April 11, 2011

Sunday April 10, 2011

Saturday April 9, 2011

I have the sweetest hubby. Today he came home with this little guy as a present for me. It's almost a shame to eat him.

Friday April 8, 2011

Friday night on the terrace.

Thursday April 7, 2011

OK, I lied. There's one final photo from our weekend in Nice that I want to share. And since you can't really tell where it was taken anyway...

Wednesday April 6, 2011

This diet is really working! ;-)
Zero? Really? I love my scales!(nah, they are running out of battery, but it makes for a funny pic.

Tuesday April 5, 2011

Follow the leader!

Monday April 4, 2011

A final one from our wonderful weekend in Nice.
Soap at the Cours Saleya.

Sunday April 3, 2011

Ruins at the castle in Nice. Taken yesterday, but we only did Musee Chagall today before heading home.

Saturday April 2, 2011

Musee Matisse. Still in Nice. Such gorgeous weather.

Friday April 1, 2011

Visited the Modern Art Museum in Nice today. Inspired me to do a little pop art of my own.

(The fuzzy version is my own interpretation of the telephone artwork)

Thursday March 31, 2011

Artwork on the Place Massena in Nice.
Just realized I seem to love taking shots with the sun in the lens. I wonder why...

Wednesday March 30, 2011

On our way to sunny Nice. Yay for leaving the rain behind.

Tuesday March 29, 2011